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Big Virgo Energy

Celebrating the birthday of two of my closest friends, Big Virgo Energy style.

The stars were aligned, and the energy was high as we gathered to celebrate our two favorite Virgos, Jolene and Tracy! My friends and I have a tradition of celebrating our birthdays together throughout the year in different places. I was lucky enough to host the Virgo party for the third year in a row!   

Blonde woman in long purple dress stands in front of table with colorfuf flowers and napkin rings

Jolene and Tracy have fabulous energy, hence the theme, BIG VIRGO ENERGY! It started with the invitation (always) and then the party décor followed. Colorful, with touches of gold throughout, the theme welcomed guests as soon as they arrived with a massive balloon installation, framing the front door. Inside, guests were greeted with a photo backdrop to match the theme and bright place settings and flowers, where we soon would sit for dinner.  

The menu was inspired by some of our birthday girls’ favorites, highlights include caviar topped potato chips, foie gras two ways, choice of entrees including: barramundi, guinea hen, and a grass-fed beef duo. Of course, no birthday celebration is complete without cake! We had two three-tiered cakes, one for each birthday girl, coconut for Jolene and buttercream for Tracy. Handcrafted by our talented Pastry Chef, Katie Broudy at Scottsdale National Golf Club. 

6 Women in long, colorful dresses, Stand in front of table
two women stand in front of two three tiered birthday cakes

As we prepped for the party, a late summer storm broke out, causing a bit of a scramble! But, in true Arizona fashion, that brief interlude made way for the sun again and a spectacular rainbow and sunset.  A perfect way to celebrate the birthdays of two very special people.  Thanks for everything, Virgos! We couldn’t do it without you!