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Celebrating 10 Years of Hope

Celebrating 10 Years of Hope with The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation.

Renee Parsons at Celebrity Fight Night

This past February marked the 10-year anniversary of The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation, and it’s amazing how a decade can fly by. I remember those formative years at the foundation, when Bob and I began to shape the vision for our philanthropic giving, and develop our goal – to reach underserved communities, marginalized populations, and individuals and families living in poverty. “We Deal in Hope” became our tagline at the foundation, and we continue to come back to the word hope as our north star. With the deepest gratitude and humility, we reflect on the past 10-years of working with organizations that reach people during their darkest moments and transform their lives through hope. 

Bob and Renee Parsons, Hope for Haiti sign

This year, we’re particularly proud of the foundation’s 2021 Annual Impact Report which touches on some of our most cherished, heart-swelling memories from the last decade, and some exciting innovations for the future. 

Bob and Renee Parsons with Wish Kids

To our nonprofit partners, cheers to YOU and 10 years of inspiration, transformation and dealing in HOPE. Learning from you is one of my greatest joys and a true honor. 

Renee Parsons sitting at a table with others

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