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Celebrating PXG Women’s Day to Play: Breaking Barriers and Empowering Women in Golf

We at PXG had the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary event that celebrated and empowered our female employees: The 3rd Annual PXG Women's Day to Play.

On Monday, we at PXG had the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary event that celebrated and empowered our female employees: The 3rd Annual PXG Women’s Day to Play. It was an incredible day filled with golf-related activities and inspiring discussions that showcased the importance of women’s participation in the world of golf. From swings on the fairway to a powerful panel discussion, the event highlighted the remarkable strides women are making in the golf industry and how the sport serves as a metaphor for life and business.


Under the radiant Arizona sun, the women of PXG gathered at Scottsdale National Golf Club, eager to take part in a day dedicated solely to them. From seasoned golfers to beginners, everyone had an opportunity to enjoy golf-related activities tailored to their skill levels. Some enjoyed a relaxing round of golf on the lush fairways, while others participated in golf clinics to refine their techniques. The day was all about fostering camaraderie, building confidence, and fostering personal growth through the game we all love.

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LPGA Tour Player, Christina Kim, leads attendees in a stretch warm-up

One of the highlights of PXG Women’s Day to Play was the presence of Christina Kim, a renowned professional LPGA Tour player. Her guidance and expert tips allowed attendees to refine their swings and gain invaluable insights into the sport. Christina even delighted us with a few celebrity golf swings, showing us firsthand the skill and finesse of a true champion. 


After the round and the clinic concluded, Christina Kim and I were joined by the talented comedian Becky Robinson, and editor for My Golf Spy, Bennett Green, for a thought-provoking panel discussion. We explored the profound connection between golf and life and how women are shattering barriers in the golf industry. We discussed the importance of resilience, determination, and teamwork—values that resonate not only on the golf course but also in every aspect of our lives and careers. You can watch the full panel discussion here

PXG Women’s Day to Play reinforced the significance of women’s participation in golf. This sport transcends gender stereotypes and provides a platform for women to excel, network, and challenge themselves. Golf cultivates confidence, patience, and mental fortitude while encouraging healthy competition and collaboration. By embracing golf, women can forge lasting connections, expand their professional networks, and demonstrate their unwavering dedication to personal growth.


The 3rd Annual PXG Women’s Day to Play was an unforgettable event that showcased the power and potential of women in golf. By providing a day dedicated solely to the women of PXG, we celebrated their achievements, fostered their growth, and encouraged them to break barriers within the golf industry and beyond. As we reflect on this exceptional day, let us remember that women have a crucial role to play in shaping the future of golf. Together, let us continue to pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering golf community.