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Endless Summer

Reflecting back on summer of the past, and looking forward toward the future.

Growing up in small-town Michigan, I especially treasured summertime.  The harsh bite of our long, icy winters became a distant memory.  Bike rides and adventures with my sisters and our neighborhood friends replaced school days; classmates became playmates. Independence Day meant freedom from homework and early bedtimes. When I got older, I started working within the hospitality business at the hotels and properties my parents managed. I looked forward to the individuals I met in my first jobs.  These were happy, dynamic people who were on vacation with family and loved ones. Escaping school or the doldrums of their daily work lives and making memories that they and their children, relatives, spouses, and friends would have with them always. I loved that I got to be a small part of making those memories special. In the summer, everything seemed possible. I never wanted it to end.

In so many ways, this past year has been a blur. Back in July of 2020, uncertainties were omnipresent, and predictions of any kind seemed almost futile. But it was in these uncertain times that our team found its identity.  Our mission narrowed to a laser-focus and our long-held vision for creating a style which transcends the golf course materialized. We turned a corner from our earlier collections and together discovered a fresh ambition for these creations. The first collection we launched during the pandemic was a brilliant, bold Spring/Summer – our largest yet, which set the stage for PXG Apparel’s spirit going forward.  Color, fabric, shape, zippers, accents all took on a new meaning with the expert team in place, and with the singular will to take the brand to new heights.  

Now, as blazing afternoons stretch long into the warm evenings of summer, and optimism has found its way back to all of us, I’m filled with gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead.  I still believe, now more than ever, that everything is possible. Now that I think about it, when I chose Scottsdale so many years ago, perhaps I was searching for that endless summer.  There’s no doubt that it’s here now, and I’m so glad you’re here with me too.