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Scottsdale National Golf Club Wine

Experience the Scottsdale National Wine Cellar

Five of my favorite bottles, perfect for any occasion.

At Scottsdale National Golf Club, my husband and I’s top priority is to provide impeccable experiences to our members. This is why we have only one rule: no member shall ever impinge on another member’s enjoyment of the club. For many, this enjoyment includes our incredible wine selection curated by our Director of Food and Beverage and certified Sommelier, Shaun Adams.

In recent years, Scottsdale National has grown its wine list from 80 bottles to over 500. I have selected five of my favorite bottles that are perfect for serving at a dinner party or for a night in.

Bottles of wine

La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi

This Italian white wine is not too dry, is balanced, and offers a surprising freshness and integrity. It pairs harmoniously with a light seafood dish. At Scottsdale National, our Executive Chef Mel Mecinas serves this wine with a Vermicelli Pasta and jumbo prawns in a decadent truffle sauce.

Muga Rosé

It was difficult to choose just one rosé as there are many I love, however Muga Rosé is a consistent favorite. This wine from Rioja, Spain has raspberry and strawberry flavors with a wonderfully balanced and dry character. A glass of Muga is perfect to sip on a warm summer day.

Aurelien Verdet Morey-Saint Denis

This excellent pinot noir is broad and spicy and displays sandalwood overlaying cherry, vanilla, and toast notes. It is one of my top choices for a light red that has a breadth of flavors and a rich texture. This pinot pairs beautifully with a herb crusted chicken.

Lamborn Family Cabernet Sauvignon

This wonderful Cab comes from a small producer in Howell Mountain, Napa Valley. This wine is balanced beautifully: full-bodied but also elegant and fresh. It is exactly what I want when I am in the mood for a rich glass of red.

Purlieu Cabernet Sauvignon

Another Napa Valley favorite of mine is the Purlieu Cab. It is opulently fruity and smooth with ripe tannins and a hint of spice. This exuberance and sweet finish make this wine perfect to drink on its own or with your favorite steak.

Scottsdale National Golf Club Wine Cellar