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Renee Parsons 50th Birthday party plate

How to set the perfect table. Hint: It’s in the details

From seasonal flowers to strategic seating.

When I host, I always make sure to have flowers set on the table. I often arrange them as a table runner, or centerpiece.  It’s gives a dinner party a feeling of vibrance from the start. I typically align the flowers with the season. For winter, I love a red rose arrangement. In Spring, Peonies or Hydrangeas can be gorgeous. Summer, I like to lean a bit more tropical, with flowers like Bottlebrush Proteas. For Fall, deep purple Calla Lilies are always a stunning choice.

white flowers on table

I like to add color and texture to the table because it adds dimension and aesthetic intrigue. In March, I hosted a dinner party for a few friends. I chose hand-painted plates, beaded place settings, leather napkin rings and delicately embroidered napkins. To me, a table setting is like putting together an outfit. You combine colors, patterns, materials and accessories to create a cute ensemble!

table arrangement wood

Where people sit matters, especially if you’re hosting guests who’ve never met. I always spend time before an event, strategizing the seating arrangement. Yes, it’s a strategy. I also prefer to seat couples across from each other. I think it helps conversation flow at a table. Be sure to also have place cards. Don’t be afraid to get creative! For past parties, I have engraved stones, embroidered napkins and carved wood for name cards.

Birthday table setting

To me, hosting is all about finding ways to show your guests you care. It can be as simple as remembering a minor dietary restriction or having a guests’ favorite Pinot Noir on hand. There are so many ways to make a gathering feel special. Happy hosting!

stone engraved