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Layering PXG Fall Styles

This fall, we're all about embracing layers that combine chic aesthetics with functionality.

Layering is the key to crafting a fashion-forward look and staying warm. Let’s dive into the art of layering with PXG’s latest fall apparel styles. When it comes to PXG Apparel, my aim has always been to craft versatile pieces that look and feel incredible on and off the course. This fall, we’re all about embracing layers that combine chic aesthetics with functionality.

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For the ladies, create a stylish monochrome look with new Darkness styles. Living in warmer regions? Ditch the pants and opt for the edgy Darkness Logo Tape Pleated Wrap Skirt. I love the skull detail button on this skirt – fab! Pair it effortlessly with our ultra-cozy Full-Zip Plush Knitted High-Waisted Jacket and the Darkness Jersey Hybrid Vest for that perfect blend of comfort and style. P.S. these styles would also look great with the Darkness Jogger


The beauty about PXG Apparel is that our pieces aren’t just for the course. Take our Hooded Poncho Puffer, for instance. This piece isn’t just about keeping you warm; it’s a fashion statement. Throw it over leggings for a relaxed, cozy look, or layer it atop a dress to instantly elevate your outfit. This piece is so versatile – I keep reaching for it in my closet this season. 

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For the men, you can achieve practicality without sacrificing style. For those crisp autumn days, layering is key. Start with a polo as your base and add an extra layer with a hoodie or jacket. Need another layer? Check out the Grid Pattern Packable Vest. It’s incredibly portable, folding neatly into a small pouch that fits snugly into your golf bag. When the air turns brisk, you’re all set to conquer the cold in style.

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And let’s not overlook the finer details. From head to toe, it’s all about rounding off your look. Our new beanie styles aren’t just accessories; they’re your partners in warmth, ensuring you stay cozy on and off the course. And don’t forget the socks—small but mighty essentials that complete your ensemble. 

Fall fashion isn’t just about bundling up; it’s about layering with finesse. With PXG Apparel, it’s about effortlessly transitioning from the golf course to everyday life while looking impeccably stylish.

Here’s to embracing the crisp air, stylish layers, and endless fashion possibilities this fall season!