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Linked Up and Back Together

Celebrating the start of the season at Scottsdale National Golf Club, and the return of the Wild West Invitational.
Wild West Invitational 2019
Wild West Invitational – 2019

It has been an action-packed several weeks and, just as it is every October, I’m looking at the calendar wondering how we’re already less than 3 months from the start of a new year!  More on said new year later, but for now, there’s much more ground to cover before we reach the holidays. If I’ve learned anything recently, savoring the moments that we’re in is the best way to go. 

Chief among them this time and year: the unique and bespoke experiences that bring our members and guests of Scottsdale National Golf Club together, making magic on (and off) the course.  Simply said – it’s time to bring everyone back together and conquer the new Wild West!

In just a few weeks, we will host our annual Wild West Invitational at the club.  Our infamous member-guest tournament is an over-the-top event with unbridled fun, epicurean indulgences, extravagant décor, luxurious tee gifts, high fashion, and wellness experiences.  Each day is filled with world-class golf followed up by nights spilling over with cocktails, laughter, and endless dancing.   No two Wild West Invitationals are exactly the same – every year the ante is upped to exceed expectations.  From the golf course to the first course, this year is set to be our most fabulous yet! 

It’s exhilarating to be making plans to reunite and return to the special place we call home at SNGC.  It may feel like a new world, but I’m sure we’re in to discover that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  In this case, that means friendships, spirited competition, and memories to relish together.