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More Than Music, Rosie’s House

Expanding our partnership with local non-profit, Rosie’s House, through their transformative More Than Music campaign.

Recently, Bob and I, through our Foundation, had the pleasure of continuing our partnership with local nonprofit, Rosie’s House. 

Since its humble beginnings in 1996, teaching music to a dozen students in downtown Phoenix who couldn’t afford it, Rosie’s House has served over 10,000 children and become so much more than just music lessons to young people, and the community. 

Young boy in blue shirt and black pants holds clarinet, posing for camera

Rosie’s House provides children and teens, ages 5-18 a vibrant, cool community to belong to. They teach self-discipline, offer mentorship, college-readiness assistance, healthy meals, and service learning. This well-rounded approach results in a tried-and-true formula for instilling in children the hope and ability to achieve their dreams and truly transform their lives with actionable skills.

Young girl in sweater sits behind piano playing

Through our recent partnership, we contributed to their transformative More Than Music Campaign.

Part of the goal of the More than Music Campaign was to bring three new classes to Rosie’s House’s life-enriching curriculum, providing students the opportunity to gain even more valuable life skills including: 

  • Public Performance & Speaking
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork

Each of these skills, I value highly for finding success in both my personal and professional life. 

Click here to learn more about Rosie’s House, and if you find yourself in downtown Phoenix, stop by their fantastic new campus on Jefferson and 9th Street.