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NYC Diaries: From Gala Glitz to Broadway Blitz

An exhilarating jaunt to the city that never sleeps - New York City!

Just back from an exhilarating jaunt to the city that never sleeps – New York City! Our whirlwind tour spanned a glitzy gala, sumptuous dining, a mesmerizing fashion exhibit, and a show-stopping Broadway performance. 

Our NYC journey kicked off with the Robin Hood Gala, a grand event organized by one of the largest poverty-fighting organizations in the city. The who’s who of the philanthropic and business world were in attendance, creating an electric atmosphere at the Javits Center.

The night was filled with inspiring stories of resilience, celebrity appearances, and live performances. As we dined and danced, we were heartened by the incredible commitment of the Robin Hood organization to making a meaningful difference in the lives of New Yorkers. 

Man and woman take a selfie

Our second day’s highlight was a delectable dinner at Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bar with friends, an iconic establishment nestled in the heart of Manhattan. The atmosphere inside the Polo Bar was warm and inviting, adorned with equestrian art, deep leather banquettes, and a magnificent brass-topped bar.

We indulged in an array of American classics from the menu – a tender and flavorful Polo Bar burger, creamy corned beef hash, and an unforgettable apple pie that was the epitome of comfort food. Each dish reflected Ralph Lauren’s personal favorites, served in an ambience that encapsulated his love for time-honored American style and hospitality.

Man and woman take a selfie

Day three was devoted to fashion, art, and history at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We were there to witness the dazzling Karl Lagerfeld exhibit, a tribute to the late fashion maestro’s incredible legacy.

As we walked through the exhibit, we marveled at Lagerfeld’s creations – from his early work at Chloé to his transformative designs for Chanel. Each piece told a story of his unparalleled creativity, sharp wit, and insatiable curiosity. The exhibit was a testament to Lagerfeld’s genius, highlighting his impact on the fashion world and solidifying his place among the industry’s greats.

3 mannequins wear Karl Lagerfeld designs

Our NYC tour concluded with the vibrant, high-energy Broadway musical, ‘SIX.’ This retelling of the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives from their perspective is a heady mix of historical facts, female empowerment, and pop concert vibes.

Each Queen takes the spotlight to share her story, belting out catchy, power-packed numbers that had us cheering and dancing along. The performances were dazzling, the costumes stunning, and the music infectious. ‘SIX’ was a perfect finale to our trip – an invigorating, feel-good show that had us leaving the theater with the biggest smiles on our faces.

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Our recent trip to NYC was a vibrant blend of philanthropy, cuisine, fashion, and entertainment. Each moment was filled with wonder and excitement, a testament to the endless allure of this city. New York City, until next time!