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On the Road with Renee – Aspen, Colorado

Join me on my travels as I venture across the globe bringing you a glimpse in to some of my favorite travel destinations.

Like many of you, I yearn for travel, and that familiar feeling of excitement – soaring above the clouds and heading toward vacation bliss.  This year, I’m not taking a minute or a mile of travel for granted.  We’re coming off an especially meaningful July 4th, and I sense that more than ever we can see around the corner for the first time in almost 18 months.  It all leads me back to an exhilarating theme of freedom! The skies are open, the roads are clear, and we are all finding new pathways to where we want to go.  My own spirit and deep sense of purpose are stronger, as is my gratitude and appetite for adventure. Travel gives us an opportunity to connect and reflect.  For me, travel is probably one of the biggest inspiration drivers for our collection themes and designs.  You’ll see!  Let’s #PackPXG and go!

Little Big Town – Aspen, Colorado


The delicious combination of bright days and cool nights make a perfect antidote for the blazing Scottsdale sun.  This time of year, you will more than likely find me in Aspen, a charming ski resort known for its world-class runs in season. It is well-known that a decidedly cosmopolitan crowd descends as the first snow falls, crisscrossing paths on the way down Snowmass or Highlands, and in and out a long list of restaurants and luxury shops that rival any big city. 

Real insiders, however, will tell you that summer here is pure magic.  

It goes without saying that Aspen is an active place, year-round.  Going from the lower altitudes in Arizona to the thin air that envelopes the Rockies can be intense. I usually like a morning stroll near our house to start the day and help me acclimate to the altitude.  Sometimes one of the dogs joins me, but normally it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, collect my thoughts, and get the blood circulating.

When not hiking, or shortly after returning, I love to simply walk in town.  There’s something so delightful about strolling leisurely, unencumbered by heavy, awkward ski boots, and pounds of thermal, heat-tech, down and waterproof layers keeping me warm and dry.  The style here is unique yet sophisticated.  If I forget perfect to pack for a particularly chilly summer evening, a perfect knit cashmere top from Brunello Cucinelli is just steps away.  As are my favorites, Dior and Louis Vuitton– it’s truly a shopper’s paradise!   I always run into friends and neighbors, easily spotted without ski goggles and helmets, who have been making Aspen feel like home for the many years we’ve been fortunate to have our place in the mountains.

Around lunch time, I might pop into a gallery in town, or the Aspen Art Museum. I love contemporary art, and this museum is truly breathtaking. Its architecture is modern, yet of the environment, and its patrons and visitors share in the appreciation of the culture and prestige it brings to the community.  For all of this year, artist Jonathan Berger has taken over the gift shop, turning it into an art piece itself.  Before I go, I’ll grab a watermelon and feta salad out on the deck of their gorgeous café. I am always proud to support and visit AAM.  

I mentioned that the food is exceptional in Aspen, right?  We became regulars at Betula from the moment they opened in Aspen and have so many fond memories of evenings on their gorgeous outdoor terrace. This is one of my absolute favorite places for dinner! Not only do they have a mouth-watering, French Pan-American menu, but their cocktail and dessert presentations are a work of art.  See the ‘Drink Me From the Bottom’ glass, and the Caramelized Apple Napoleon, both seemingly made for Instagram.  

And finally, if the mountains steal the show in the daytime in Aspen, then it’s the stars that really come out at night.  After an evening out, Bob I will retire to our deck, and find ourselves entranced in the sky above.   If you time it right, in the summer in late July, you can watch the Perseids meteor shower dance all around you.