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On the Road with Renee – Forte dei Marmi

Join me on my travels as I venture across the globe bringing you a glimpse in to some of my favorite travel destinations.

Under the Tuscan Sun – Forte dei Marmi

I’m going to let you in on a secret; a travel diary discovery of mine in recent years so filled with beauty, indulgence and escape that I am simply compelled to share it with you!  This magical place in northern Tuscany is called Forte dei Marmi.

Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is one of Italy’s original resort towns.  The marble fortress for which it is named was first built in 1788, but today it is a magnificent – albeit still fairly unknown in the States – paradise of riches.  The restaurant stars are Michelin, the luxury boutiques world-class, and the beach clubs are the most exclusive.  Its seaport is the outbound point of departure for the opulent Carrara marble, gathered from the nearby Alpuan Alps.  In the summer, well-heeled visitors from Florence, Milan, Germany and Russia gather, tripling the population enjoying the beaches and Mediterranean coastline of this amazing town.  Since the 1800s, generations of the most discerning Europeans have chosen to escape the sweltering summers inland here; think along the lines of AgnelliArmani, Bocelli…

A charming contrast to the sleek retail logos of the shopping district, Wednesdays and Sundays here signal the anticipated Italian market to locals and visitors alike.  Not just any market, Piazza Marconi flourishes with the colors, flavors and variety of the luxurious environment offering cashmere, leather goods and both handmade and designer clothing from the resident artisans, and at incredible prices!  For the full retail therapy experience, downtown shops include the Italian mainstays like Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as the international luxury houses of Louis Vuitton, Rolex and more.

I love Forte dei Marmi for its exquisite beaches. Seven miles of ultra-pristine sands are lined with the most incredible beach clubs in the world. There is no bad view in the town – small enough to not need a car to get around – as it is surrounded almost completely by coastline. Trattoria Tre Stelle makes the most of the fresh catch, and has the Michelin stars to prove it.  I am pretty sure I save my carb allowance all year to indulge in the pasta and fresh seafood of the Italian Riviera – with no regrets! 

I’ve always pulled inspiration from my travels and experiences into work.  A visit to Forte dei Marmi is not only an indulgence and an escape, it is a reminder of the pride, precision and passion that goes into anything “Made in Italy.” PXG Apparel is a fashion brand built on a lifestyle, and in that way I feel a synergy with Italian design.  Walking the same streets where L’Avvocato and Sophia Loren enjoyed glamourous holidays, I’m energized to bring the spirit of la dolce vita  to a new season of work.  CIAO summer 2021; I’ll be back home soon.