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Philanthropy Focus: Pathways for Single Moms + Live & Learn

One of my philanthropic passions is supporting women and girls. Pathways for Single Moms and Live & Learn provide resources for women in need.

If you’ve been following my philanthropic journey, you’ll know that one of my passions is supporting women and girls. This month, I’m excited to highlight recent grants from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation that focus on this impactful work I hold close to my heart.

The Pathways for Single Moms program is an exciting new partnership and innovative program that I’m so excited about. Too many single mothers in Arizona work around the clock and still barely make enough money to pay for their family’s basic needs like food, diapers, and rent – forget any extra time or money to spend on themselves or plan for their future. To make matters worse, without a way for these moms to gain further education, they really have no way to increase what they earn. 

Pathways for Single Moms provides a brilliant solution to this problem! By covering the cost for things that keep single moms from pursuing their education, like childcare, tuition and more, this program charts a path for moms to build their skills and get themselves into higher paying career fields. Opening this window of opportunity for a single mom means a way out of poverty (and so much more) for her and her family.

Woman and Man wearing face masks and safety goggles look at tools in a workshop

Big thanks to Women Moving Millions, an organization of which I’m a proud member, for generously matching our gift to the Pathways for Single Moms program through their Women’s Power & Influence Fund.

“Hope with a Plan” is the tagline that our partner,  Live & Learn, upholds in all they do.  This organization helps women, many who have experienced a great deal of trauma in their lives, build brighter futures through personalized mentorship and planning. Who doesn’t need a mentor in their lives? This organization equals hope for a future beyond poverty for a woman, which ripples outward to her family and community. The stories of resilience and success at Live & Learn are beyond inspiring.

Woman holds her baby in her left arm and holds a certificate in her right hand

If you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing at the Foundation to support women and girls, check our Instagram (@wedealinhope).