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Philanthropy Focus: PXG Apparel + First Tee + Dress for Success

Partnership magic that unfolded over the past year thanks to Dress for Success Phoenix and First Tee–Phoenix, with support from PXG.
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For this month’s philanthropy spotlight, I’d like to share with you some partnership magic that unfolded over the past year thanks to Dress for Success Phoenix and First Tee–Phoenix, with support from PXG. I term this partnership a “magical” one, as it really highlights how collaboration is key to serving our community best. 

This story begins in 2022, with an apparel donation from PXG. Dress for Success Phoenix was familiar to us through an existing partnership with The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation, their mission being to help further the lives and careers of women seeking to overcome personal and professional challenges.  This organization became a natural fit for PXG’s ongoing support of the community through an in-kind donation of high-quality, fashion forward shirts, skirts, pants, jackets, and more. Since receiving this donation, Dress for Success Phoenix has outfitted women, men, and youth in PXG’s finest through partnerships with local Title I schools, community colleges, their own workforce development programs, and beyond with efficiency and care that is unparalleled. Hooray! 

Tamala McBath (CEO of Dress for Success Phoenix) & Erin McDonough 
(Executive Director of First Tee—Phoenix) at the First Tee 20th Anniversary Open House

Fast forward to Fall 2023, when Dress for Success Phoenix got together with First Tee–Phoenix to create an extra special opportunity for young golfers and their families to get brand new, top-of-the-line golf apparel and accessories completely free of charge. In December 2023, marking the 20th Anniversary of First Tee–Phoenix, nearly 300 youth and their families attended a celebratory open house where they participated in learning the history of First Tee–Phoenix, putting competitions, listening to live music, face painting, and most exciting of all – a visit to the Dress for Success pop-up store where everyone (including parents and family members) could “shop” for PXG Apparel items. Some youth commented that this was the first piece of brand-new golf clothing they’d ever owned, having gotten their existing golf clothes from thrift stores or as hand me downs. Parents were tearful as they had to be reminded more than once (because they were in disbelief) that they could have any item(s) of their choosing, at no cost. Young golfers and parents left the celebration that day with PXG clothing to sport on the course as First Tee–Phoenix golfers or while proudly supporting their young golfer, in the case of the parents.

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Although Dress for Success Phoenix, First Tee–Phoenix, and PXG may seem to have very different goals at first glance, this partnership highlighted one very important value that we all uphold across our work which is – everyone deserves to feel that they belong. Whether it is at work, home, or on the golf course, belonging is the key to confidence. It is my sincerest hope that with the help of Dress for Success Phoenix, First Tee–Phoenix, and PXG, young people and their parents feel empowered to step on the course and know that they belong.

I am so proud we had the chance to support this fabulous collaboration to create expanded opportunities for belonging on and off the golf course for local families and youth. And I think this is truly just the beginning!