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PXG Apparel FW ’21: Reinvention

Reinvent your game and discover the inspiration behind PXG's latest collection.
Shop the look – PXG All-Over Bold Logo Sweater

Fall is here and with it brings renewed energy, spirit and fresh designs for PXG Apparel!  Inspired by the grit and grace of New York City, an emblem of resilience and a dynamic collective of people alive and invigorated, the new collection nods to versatility, performance, style and sustainability in unexpected ways through every fiber and thread. It’s our game – reinvented. 

The black, chromatic monotone that is prevalent throughout FW21 is undoubtedly a tribute to PXG as well as to the unofficial New Yorker’s uniform.  The brand’s DNA calls for the predominant duality of black and white, which presents in graphic logos alternatively placed in subtle accent stiches and also as bold, eye-catching designs that demand to be seen.  Reinforcing the message is New York City itself, a place I chose to lead the inspiration for the collection with its no-nonsense beat and toughness glazed with a perceptive sheen of glamour.

The silhouettes are as sharp and deliberate as a New York taxi driver’s turns at rush hour, cut with purpose and designed to tease the edge of traditional sport wear.  Polos and sweaters are sleek, skirts hug and swerve on the body, some in playful pleating that fuses femininity and fall.  Pieces are built for layering, with individual SKUs melting seamlessly into others giving rich individuality and endless options to the wearer.  

The menswear introduces modern wearability: stylized jackets, polos and sophisticated half-zip sweaters that are designed to meet him where he is – anywhere! The trousers are tailored and designed to camouflage their own performative properties in a way that takes him from the boardroom to the fairway in an instant. Fabrics and textures are luxe, and they also serve a purpose.  I believe that what we wear should enable, not hinder, the seamless transition of our days. These clothes are built to move with us, both literally and figuratively.

This season’s featured accent color is ‘Warrior Green,’ a nod to the battle-tested in all of us and a softer foil to the edge of the saturation of black in the rest of the collection.  In New York City, the unexpected greenery of the parks, flourishing in the middle of the concrete jungle, offers respite and oxygen to the relentless pulse.  In our collection, it also points to a new era of sustainability and eco-consciousness adapted in our design studio.  Half of the Fall/Winter Collection has been sourced and produced sustainably. Fabrics made from recycled products, produced in green facilities, including mills and factories, and the inclusion of environmentally friendly and socially responsible textiles, makes this collection the most sustainable to date.

With thanks to New York City, and on behalf of the incredible team at PXG Apparel, I invite you to join us in reinventing your game.  The future is here!