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Renee Parsons Scholars Dinner

A dinner to celebrate the Renee Parsons Scholars and their accomplishments.
Women pose in front of a wall of yellow flowers
The Renee Parsons Scholars

Last month, I had the pleasure of hosting the Renee Parsons Scholars at Scottsdale National Golf Club for dinner. There is now a total of eight scholars – all recognized for demonstrating leadership qualities in collaboration, assertiveness, and empathy. These young women are selected with the help of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley (BGCAZ). Together, we identify one Girls Leadership and one Girls Excellence recipient, adding two scholars to the program annually. The Girls Leadership Award provides the recipient the opportunity to be granted up to $80,000 of educational scholarship funding over four years as well as a new laptop; and the Girls Excellence Award grants up to $40,000 of educational scholarship funding and a new laptop for the winner. The educational scholarships can be used at a university, community college or vocational school depending on the recipients’ post-secondary goals.

Blonde woman poses with 2 young women
Pictured top: Janet; Pictured bottom: Geraldmy

My vision was to create an experience where the girls could share the ups and downs of finding their way and celebrate their many achievements while enjoying a delicious meal. I also wanted to recognize Yareli, the first Renee Parsons scholar, as she approaches graduation in May (you go girl!). New to the group are Geraldmy and Janet who look forward to starting higher education in the Fall. Janet plans to study Social Work, which I know she will excel at. Geraldmy shared her dreams of being a chef and restaurant owner and it was my pleasure to introduce her to SNGC’s very own Executive Chef Mel Mecinas. Chef Mel took all of us on a tour of the kitchen where we got to see the culinary team work together to create beautiful dishes. I can’t wait to see Geraldmy’s culinary creations come to life as she begins culinary school!

women pose in an industrial kitchen next to a male chef
The girls and I taking a tour of Chef Mel’s kitchen at SNGC

It is my hope that this dinner will serve as a reminder to the girls of just how deserving and special each of them is. I’ll cherish the memory and continue to proudly follow along on their journeys.

Click here to learn more about the Renee Parsons Scholarship.