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Styled With Renee: June 2021

Featuring guest stylist, Andrew Gelwicks, I get ready for a day, and night, out in New York City.
PXG clothing and accessories

PXG Classic Leather Cross Body Fanny Pack
PXG Pride Outline 9Twenty Adjustable Cap
Dior 30 Montaigne Bar Jacket
CQY Bliss Jeans – White
Saint Laurent Liya Colorblock Snakeskin Sandals
Irene Neuwirth Labradorite Tear Drop Earrings

On a recent trip to Manhattan, I met with my friend Andrew Gelwicks, a New York City celebrity fashion stylist and author. We had a long day ahead of us with back-to-back meetings, and no time to return to my hotel and change before a dinner party later that evening. In a rush, I glanced at Andrew with a look that just screamed, “Help!”

Andrew immediately pulled out a Dior blazer of mine, noting the structured silhouette and high neckline. “The tailoring is immaculate, and the subtle flare gives it a playful edge,” he said. “plus, it won’t feel too business-like for when you’re out later in the evening.”

He paired the blazer with my CQY Bliss jeans. The crisp white made me feel confident about showing up in a professional setting without the under-dressed feel of traditional blue denim, and the bright white felt like the perfect way to usher in my summer attire. 

Andrew told me: “When I’m dressing clients for a long day of press, they need to be able to move seamlessly into many different environments. Finding pieces that have that ability to adapt into different settings and formalities is crucial – and that’s no different than the everyday woman getting dressed in the morning.”

We then added some colorful Irene Neuwirth earrings, and of course my personal favorite PXG Pride hat! When my team and I first sat down to design PXG’s Pride hats, it was important to us to keep the vibrant colors so closely associated with Pride – but also allow it to be wearable 365 days a year. Having that rainbow gradation on the hat adds the perfect color pop with the black top and bottom.

To finish the look off, Andrew suggested my Saint Laurent Liya Colorblock Snakeskin Sandals, which have quickly become a personal favorite. Featuring a vibrant color block design the sandal subtly complements the colors of the hat.

Lastly, on my way out the door, I grabbed our PXG Classic Leather Cross Body Fanny Pack. It can be worn multiple ways, but I opted to have it around my waist — highlighting the Dior silhouette even more, Andrew noted.

Courtney Chiang design illustration
Illustration by Courtney Chiang Studio