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Teeing it up with Renee Parsons

InStyle magazine featured Renee Parsons in a digital article about her leadership in fashion, philanthropy and hospitality.

InStyle magazine’s Fashion + Beauty Content Editor sat down (via Zoom) with Renee Parsons to talk about her passions and priorities. With a new PXG Apparel Collection on the horizon, philanthropy becoming increasingly important in today’s world and a busy golf season coming up for Scottsdale National Golf Club – there was a lot to discuss!

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Parsons’ path to fashion was anything but predictable. Growing up in small-town Michigan, she loved flipping through the pages of her mother’s fashion magazines, but it was hospitality that called to her. As it turns out, understanding how to put people first would become one of her greatest strengths as both a business leader and a designer.

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It’s no surprise that Parsons’ dedication to helping others goes beyond PXG’s customer service. In 2012, she and her husband started The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation with the goal of supporting organizations that are making a difference on a local and national scale. “We’re focused on serving marginalized communities that are not afforded the same opportunities as affluent areas,” says Parsons. The foundation started by funding grassroots Arizona organizations that address issues like homelessness, abuse, education, and childcare, primarily among immigrant populations. “Whether [immigrants] are legal or not is irrelevant to us. No matter how they came to the country, they’re here, and we want to set them up for success.”

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Whether she’s renovating a golf club, designing stylish athletic wear, or giving back to the community, it may seem like Parsons lives by her own rules—but a closer look reveals that her unconventional approach is all about breaking down boundaries and building something new.