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Travel Season is Coming

Temperatures are rising and summer is just around the corner! That means peak travel season is on the way.
Woman sits in helicopter seat looking out the window holding a small dog on her lap

Temperatures are rising and summer is just around the corner! That means peak travel season is on the way. I have a few trips planned myself and wanted to share some of my favorite travel tips that make the journey more enjoyable.

Any successful trip starts with a thoughtful itinerary. While an itinerary requires some effort to put together, I find it helps me maximize my time while at my destination and enjoy myself more on the trip. Also, I like to preplan my outfits and an itinerary helps me figure out exactly what to wear each day based on the activities that are planned.

black suitcase with black duffle on top

Once I have my itinerary made and outfits planned, I pack everything up in my trusty Rimowa Trunk Plus suitcase. This suitcase is ultra-durable and holds EVERYTHING. To keep things organized inside the suitcase, I use packing cubes. Pro-tip: pack a travel size steamer to remove wrinkles from your clothes after unpacking.

Magazines, headphones, a water bottle, electrolyte packets, and lip balm sit on a table

We all know planes can be dehydrating, so I pack a few essentials to combat this. I bring plenty of water as well as some electrolyte packets for when I need an extra hydration boost. To avoid chapped lips, I keep my tried and true Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask nearby – the berry scent is my top choice!

Planes are loud, so I bring along a pair of comfortable noise canceling headphones if I’m wanting some quiet time. I love this sleek pair from Apple. To pass the time, I like to read magazines – Vogue, Town & Country, and Harper’s BAZAAR are among my favorites.

I can’t forget the most important thing for a successful travel day: a comfortable outfit! When dressing for a travel day, I look for pieces that are breathable, soft, and layer easily. The PXG Fairway Camo Jogger paired with a comfy tee and sweatshirt has been a go-to outfit. Shoes have got to be comfortable too – I reach for a sneaker or even a sock with sandal combo.

However you are traveling this season, I hope these tips help you make your journey with ease.