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Renee Parsons

Why I Don’t Set New Year’s Resolutions

A new way of looking at a new year

I have never set New Year’s Resolutions. For me, it works best if I approach a personal objective with a gradual, steady process.

Whether it’s something I want to improve about myself, my businesses or my relationships, the practice is always the same. It’s a matter of whittling down the issue- and consistent goals are the carving knife.

You could be motivated by your desire to spend more time with your family, exercise more patience, find time for cardio, nail that corporate presentation or save money for a post-pandemic vacation.

Happy New Year scrapple blocks

Those different problems call for different solutions. For me, setting one broad resolution is too vague to be a magic bullet for them all. When I’m faced with an issue that needs solving, I like to break it down into specific goals. I set milestones and precise “mini targets” along the way.

But, reaching that final goal isn’t easy. Everyday obstacles can be thrown your way and it can be tough to stay on track. There have been times I’ve wandered off course, but outlining a few general principles has helped me maintain (and regain) focus.

Tips to stay on track all year (and beyond):

Be organized
I am religious with my planner. It keeps me accountable and helps me effectively track my progress and move the needle.

Be committed
Steady goal setting takes patience and resilience. Be ready for speedbumps, open to criticism and prepared for success.

Listen to your gut
The most important lesson I’ve learned personally and professionally, is to listen to my gut. It’s the most honest advice you can receive.