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Why More Women Should Play Golf

Golf can be an intimidating sport if you’ve never played. It has its own language, traditions and rules. But, like most things that take time to learn, it is worth it.

Renee Parsons golfing

One of my favorite things about golf is that it’s a competitive outlet. And, with golf’s handicap system, you can compete evenly across skill levels. I can (often) bet on a round with my husband and win, even though his handicap is lower than mine.

Scottsdale National Golf Club

With this sport, you also get to be out in nature. Whether it’s among the pristine desert at Scottsdale National Golf Club, or along the ocean at Pebble Beach – there are breathtaking courses all over the world. While I’m on the course, I turn my phone off.  Those 18 holes are my time to unplug.

Golf has been a great way for me to meet new people and connect with other women. I have met some of my best friends on the golf course. Because you can play golf at any age, not only am I able to play with my husband and my friends, but my parents as well. I love hitting the course with them and being able to create new memories.

Renee Parsons plays golf with friends

Golf gives me an escape to unwind. I hope more women take up the sport and begin to appreciate it for all the reasons that I do, and more!