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On the Road with Renee – Big Island, Hawaii

Join me on my travels as I venture across the globe bringing you a glimpse in to some of my favorite travel destinations. Next Stop - Hawaii!

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Island Life – Big Island, Hawaii


From purple mountains majesty, my Americana summer’s next and final stop is paradise. 


A short flight from the west coast, Hawaii beckons every year. It’s true that I’m exceptionally lucky to have a home here – but a visit to the big island always somehow feels like a vacation. How could it not?!   If a couple of my summer stops keep me on the go, Hawaii is all about stillness, indulgence and an opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of the world around me. 

In the summer, pool days are the best days.  Breakfast and lunch made from the freshest local ingredients never disappoint.  I love an afternoon swim, dipping in and out of the cool water with the warm sun – and some chic shades – on my face.  A great book, a colorful swimsuit (I must have 20 Eres bikinis!) and a light salty breeze are all I need to tune out the noise, the news and the not-for-right-now laundry list looming in the distance. Hawaii is for relaxation.  

Around here, it pretty much never falls below 70 degrees, over 60” of rain fall each year keeping the land beautiful and green – is it any surprise that there are 85 golf courses on the islands? With such a variety of offerings to choose from, when I’m not relaxing by the pool, you are likely to find me on the course.

After some time on the golf course, I like to recharge with time at the spa.  The ultimate luxury is an outdoor treatment, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the ocean as the daylight wanes.

This property is one of my favorites, and no matter how long or short my stay is in Hawaii, I always manage to spend at least one great dinner at the Canoe House.  The amazing chef is an apprentice of the illustrious Nobu Matsuhisa, and is known for his spin on Hawaii-style farm-to-table delicacies. The sunset views, ocean panoramas and magic is all around at Canoe House.  

I think what makes Hawaii so special is truly the people and the way of life. There is a strong local culture that’s permeated the fabric of the world.  “Aloha” means hello, goodbye, love and fellowship. Its association is one of near-universal happiness and joy.  When PXG Apparel first introduced the “Aloha” collection back in 2018, the connection is easy to see.  Hawaii is an important second home for my family and a constant driver of inspiration, ideas and joie de vivre mixing holiday and heart.  Leaving is never easy, and no sooner does the plane take off than I’m already dreaming about my return.